Popular VC Series

 The Vital Cure

 Holistic Health Products

 VC Series  –  Some Popular Products

  • Pain Aid

Helps to reduce suffering in painful conditions

  • Depression Care

Helps in improving and stabilizing mood.

  • Vitality Sex Power Male

A natural boost to male sex power

  • Acidity Care

Helps in acidity, pain, burning, reflux including GERD

  • Addictions Aid 

      Helps in addiction of alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc

  • AIDS / HIV Care

Helps in management of HIV / AIDS

  • Allergy Care

Helps in Hypersensitivity / Allergy

  • Anxiety Care

Good for anxiety and nervousness

  • Arthritis Aid

Relieves pain and inflammation

  • Asthma Care

Gives relief from suffocation and breathing difficulty, cough etc

  • Blood Aid

Helps in purification and in getting healthier blood

  • Bone Care

Helps in improving structure and strength of bones, also helps after bone injury / fracture

  • Brain Tonic

Improves Brain functions & Brain Power

  • Cancer Care

Helps body’s ability to prevent & fight against cancer and tumors

  • Cholesterol Care

Helps in reducing Bad Cholesterol and improving Good Cholesterol

  • Constipation Aid

Relieves constipation naturally

  • Detoxification

Helps in elimination of wastes & toxins from the body, reduces tissue damage and improves overall body functions

  • Diabetes Care

Helps body in keeping Diabetes under check and in its fight against the complications of Diabetes

  • Digestive Aid

Helps in improving digestion and assimilation of food, balances appetite and thirst, helps in elimination of waste, prevents constipation

  • Ear Aid

Helps in better hearing ability and fights ear complaints

  • Eye Care

Helps in keeping eyes healthy and improving vision

  • First Aid Kit

A Must For Every Home. Very useful for conditions like Injury, Burn, Cold, Fever, Diarrhea, Food Poisoning, Motion Sickness, Jetlag etc

  • Hair Care

Relieves hair fall, dull hair, baldness and helps in getting healthy and beautiful hair

  • Headache and Migraine Aid

Helps in preventing recurring headaches naturally

  • Heart & Circulatory System Tonic

Helps in getting healthy heart and better blood circulation

  • Height Gain

Helps in increasing height naturally

  • Hormone Care

Helps in preventing & correcting Hormonal Imbalance

  • Hypertension & Hypotension Care

Helps in regulation of blood pressure

  • Infertility Aid Female

Helps in improving reproductive function in females, useful in infertility

  • Infertility Aid Male

Helps in improving reproductive function in males, useful in sterility

  • Immunity

Helps in improving body’s immunity & disease fighting ability naturally

  • Joint’s Care

Helps in getting pain free, healthy joints

  • Kidney Tonic

Helps in improving kidney function and elimination of toxins & waste

  • Kid’s / Children’s Care (0 – 15 years)

Helps in healthy and balanced physical & mental growth of children

  • Larynx and Voice Care

Relieves larynx and voice complaints

  • Liver Tonic

Helps in improving liver function and metabolism

  • Men’s Health

A boost for men, it helps in gaining vigor & vitality

  • Menstrual Disorder Care

Regulates menstruation and gives relief from associated complaints.

  • Mind Power and Memory Aid

Improves Concentration and Memory

  • Mood Aid

Helps to keep good mood & avoid mood swings

  • Muscle Aid

Improves muscular strength & function

  • Nervous System  Tonic

Helps to strengthen nervous system

  • Old Age

Helps the senior citizens to live with good health & comfort

  • Piles Aid

Relieves pain, bleeding and gives lasting relief

  • Pregnancy Care

Helps healthy pregnancy from conception to post delivery recovery

  • Prostate Care

Helps in prostate complaints

  • Psoriasis Aid

Heals skin and gives lasting relief

  • Respiratory System Tonic

Helps in improving lungs and respiratory system

  • Rheumatism Aid

Helps in fight against Rheumatism and its complications

  • Sex Power Female

A natural boost to female sex power

  • Sinusitis Aid

Relieves pain, block nose and other complaints

  • Skin Care

Helps in getting healthy skin

  • Sleep Aid

Helps in getting sound & refreshing sleep

  • Stress Aid

Helps in managing stress and avoiding stress related complications

  • Teeth Care

Helps in developing healthy teeth & fighting decay, helps easy teething

  • Thyroid Care

Helps in getting better thyroid function and body metabolism

  • Weakness

Natural energy boost for abundance of stamina & vitality

  • Weight Gain  & Physique

Helps in gaining weight naturally

  • Weight Loss & Sliming

Helps in losing weight naturally

  • Women’s Health

A boost for women, it helps in living with minimum complaints that women gets

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