Person Specific Holistic Health Products

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 Person Specific Holistic Health Products

Person Specific Constitutional Health Products

  • Works at the deepest level at the root cause of sickness and disorder.
  • Is one of the most effective forms of treatment available.
  • Is completely safe, natural and effective.
  • Is quick to act and gives long lasting results.
  • Is known to detoxify and improve body functions naturally.
  • Is known to prevent various diseases from developing.
  • It calms mind and restores mind body balance.
  • It gives positive health by improving energy and restoring energy system.

Great Healers, who discovered the secret of good health, found after years of hard work research that in order to get best result and maximum benefit from nature, certain principles must be followed. These principles were based on nature’s law of health. Person specific constitutional health products takes into consideration complete details of factors affecting health. This includes major complaints, state of body functions, state of mental health, environmental conditions, habits, life events etc. All this is required to know exact state of disorder and find correct holistic health product.

Complaints may vary from chronic physical diseases, psychiatric disorders, degenerative ailments, psychosomatic or sexual disorders. But it requires thorough analysis of details of clinical history, constitutional state and investigations.

How to avail this service

Process is simple. You may contact us through any mode (In person / email / phone / online) and give details.. You may opt for Herbs or Homeopathy. Within 7 days you will receive your first set.

Contact Us to start or for more details.

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